Membership of The Society of Management & Development Consultants SMDC offers many benefits, from strengthening your reputation as a key player in the industry, to giving you a voice, providing access to valuable industry data and research, building your network and developing your team.

We work closely with our members and member firms to define our strategy. Through engagement with senior management, future leaders, young consultants, and marketing professionals in our member firms we are able to ensure the SMDC effectively represents and meets the needs of the industry.


Membership of the SMDC enables your firm to:

• Demonstrate you and/or your firms credibility - through the SMDCs Code of Practice

• Strengthen your brand - through SMDC marketing and use of the SMDC Accredited logo

• Showcase your expertise - through winning awards and contributing to reports

• Access valuable industry data and research - through the SMDCs highly respected reports

• Build your network - through insight, training and networking events

• Shape the future of the industry - through getting involved in our work and lobbying

• Develop your team - through training and events

• Access advice - through the SMDC team


The SMDC focuses on delivering value to members in three key areas:

• Voice of the Industry

• Professionalism

• Member Engagement

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