Membership at a glance






Stage in Career


Affiliate • Have demonstrated interest in business consultancy and/or advice
• Be a new or aspiring consultant with less than 2 years’ experience
• Be a student where the course of study undertaken is related to consultancy of business advice
• Starting out as a consultant with little or no experience
• Entry point as an analyst with a large consulting firm researching data and providing information for more senior consultants
Associate • Be a practicing consultant or business adviser with 2 years’ experience
• Demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development
• Hold a first degree in Business Management or Diploma in Management Consulting, or equivalent
• You might have entered a large consultancy as an experienced hire with 3 years work experience
• Business advisers could be working within the private sector or engaging with the public sector
Member • Fulfill the criteria for Associate membership plus:
• Have a minimum of 3 years consulting/business advice experience
• Present a minimum of 2 client references
• Provide education records
• Aim to achieve CMC
• If you are working for one of the large practices you should expect to be working with clients now sometimes called Manager/Consultants
• Business Advisers who are building their network of clients and specialists in business advice
• Building your MBA knowledge
Fellow • Fulfill the criteria for Member plus:
• Be a practicing consultant or adviser at a strategic level
• Have a minimum of 10 year consulting experience
• Submit evidence in form of a reference from 2 senior clients
• Provide education records
• Demonstrate significant contribution to the profession
• Be working at a senior level as a Director or Partner or running your own very successful consultancy
• Your leadership and decision making skills are making an impact on the profession
• You could be a senior business adviser

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